Jacques Pellegrin

Jacques was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1944 and created his first oil painting at the age of 8. When he was 10 and 11 he won the Premier Prix and the Prix honneur de la ville d Aix respectively. The Promethean debut led to a life of artistic exploration, and Jacques is well known for his vivacious painting style that transmits the exuberance and passion for oil on canvas that he discovered in his youth.

Jacques followed the classical realist movement until he discovered the work of the Impressionists. This turning point led him to experiment with vivid colours, intensely textured canvases and a freedom of expression that brings a sense of joy and movement to his paintings. The French Fauve-Expressionist movements were a formative influence on his work, and he also takes inspiration from the Provencale and Marseilles schools as well as German expressionism.

Jacques palette is incredibly vibrant, and his application of his oils and acrylics is as striking as their colours. His generous use of the media creates a three-dimensional effect on his canvases that produces a great sense of life and energy. Jacques playful style infuses traditional still life compositions with originality and wit, rediscovering the humour often dormant in this genre with expressive animals peeking from unexpected places and exciting juxtapositions of objects. Landscapes are translated with great appreciation for their varies tones, patterns and shapes. His figurative work and street scenes are acutely observed and gently ironic; the smallest incidents and gestures of everyday life are captured and their meaning enhanced and enlarged by Jacques expansive use of colour The refreshingly quality of his painting, conveyed in his affection for bold colours and his solid lines, is tempered by the intelligent and expressionist twist which represents reality on the canvas without simply reflecting it.

Jacques list of exhibitions has been extensive; in the last decade he has exhibited numerous times throughout France, principally in Marseilles, Paris, Lyon and Galerie a l Espace des Arts in St. Remy, Provence. His work has also been exhibited in Casablanca, Osnabruck and Paraquay.

Super marché - 116x89 cm 2012

Super marché 116 x 89cm £5000

La Gitane - 100×82 cm 2010

La Gitane 100 × 82cm

Nu japonnais

Nu japonnais 116 X 89cm £5000

La Boîte a vitesse

La Boîte a vitesse 92 x 73cm £3000

L' Arlesienne

L’ Arlesienne 100 x 50cm £3500


Torero 100 x 50cm £3500

Vierges à l'enfant

Vierges à l’enfant 65 X 54cm £3000

Mon chien

Mon chien 130 x 97cm £6000

Mon chat

Mon chat 130 x 97cm

Lost in my garden

Lost in my garden 130 x 130cm £6500

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