Pierre Farel’s contemporary, sensual and stylish oils have been an international success. Winning at the Lila Acheson Wallace Grand Prix in Paris in 1988 convinced him to devote his life to his art and his international reputation has continued to grow.

Pierre’s inspiration comes from his vibrant island home of Corsica and the excitement of exploration, travel and new social scenes. His love of music is celebrated in paintings featuring dynamic jazz club scenes and the greats of twentieth century rock. Leaving facial features tantalisingly vague, Pierre’s paintings excite the imagination and capture the pleasures of the moment on canvas.

Pierre exhibits internationally and his works are on permanent display in several galleries. In France he has exhibited in Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Lyon and on the French Riviera. His work has also been shown in Corsica, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, Lausanne, Beijing, New York, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Miami, L.A, and London.

Pierre is a versatile artist. In addition to his original oils he has produced a series of limited edition lithographs. He has recently translated his images into stunning textiles with a series of wall hangings. His 2011 exhibition in London will introduce his latest development to UK collectors; two new limited edition diasec plexis and one limited edition sculpture.

Diasec Plexi (Limited Edition of 50)

A limited edition is produced in high definition on high quality paper, retaining the scale of the original painting. This limited edition image is attached with resin glue to a block of plexi with a width of 1cm, and a block of black plexi is fixed behind it. After drying for 48 hours, the block is cut and polished by hand. The number of the limited edition piece is engraved on the back by hand, and finished with a black aluminium frame.

The plexi is of very high quality, resistant to heat, UV radiation and is guaranteed to be anti-yellowing. The plexi art work must be cleaned with water only, never with a solvent, ammonia or alcohol.

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