Eric Bourse

Eric Bourse was born in 1956 in the north of France.  A self-taught artist, in 2011 he celebrated thirty years of painting.  Eric is a modern figurative or semi-abstract painter. His paintings are inspired by his life and emotions and the landscapes that move him. Through his composition and depth of colour he conjures an atmosphere that engages the onlooker.

Eric’s work evokes his wonder at the vineyards glowing at sunset, the towering mountains and quiet forests, the happiness of sharing a glass of wine with friends. Sometimes he engraves on the canvas his more intimate struggles and sufferings. Today Eric works in acrylics with a bold use of colour and a generous hand on the palette knife.

Eric divides his time between the Alps and the Dordogne. He celebrates the contrasting palettes of these landscapes, while other canvases are filled with the vitality and motion of life in London and New York. Eric has travelled widely to meet the demand for exhibitions of his work, always returning to France. His new paintings come from a period of introspection and change.

Eric Bourse’s 2011 exhibitions have included two six-month shows at the prestigious Hameau Albert 1er hotel in Chamonix and at Flocons de Sel in Megève (the latter ends in April 2012). He has also exhibited at Castillon de Bataille and Foire D’Art Contemporain Espace Mont Blanc – Saint Gervais. There is a permanent collection of Eric’s work at Les Servages d’Armelle hotel in Les Carroz and at Galieart gallery in New York. He is represented by several galleries in France and the United States and by Summers Art in the UK. His accolades include First Prize at the Salon de Lutèce Paris, First Prize at the Aart Masters competition in New York, and the Gold Medal at the Salon International at Nancy, France.

Kit Bentley keeps a permanent exhibition of Eric’s work at her home in the Dordogne. Her collection includes Eric’s paintings from the past ten years. If you would like to view Kit’s private collection please contact her to make an appointment.

  • Betweeen passion and heartbreak
  • Wine themes
  • Landscapes
  • Still life


To celebrate the launch of his exhibition at Château Bouffémont, the artist Eric Bourse will give private painting lessons, open only to our guests.

A tailor-made class to express one’s artistic talent in a special and intimate setting. With its spacious living rooms, sunlit patios and large gardens, Château Bouffémont fosters creativity.

This art course will revolve around an introduction to acrylic painting, of which Eric Bourse is a master. Guests will learn the bases of pictorial art or perfect their skills alongside the artist himself.Seizing the light, capturing the beauty of a landscape, playing with colours…

One to one or in small groups, the painter leads his students into developing their own style, always encouraging creative freedom.

After this week-end of exchanges, discussions, improvisations, pictorial surprises and new inspiration, guests will leave with their own artwork.
A preview of your stay…

Friday – After a welcome from the Château Bouffémont staff, a gastronomic dinner awaits you upon arrival.

Saturday – Meet Eric Bourse around a delicious breakfast. You will first familiarise yourself with painting techniques. After that, classes will take place all day long, fitting your pace and preferences. Colourful buffet for lunch and a barbecue created by our Chef for Dinner & share convivial moments.

 Villa Shambhala is available for holiday letting :


Jacques Pellegrin

Jacques was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1944 and created his first oil painting at the age of 8.  When he was 10 and 11 he won the Premier Prix and the Prix d’honneur de la ville d’Aix respectively.  The Promethean debut led to a life of artistic exploration, and Jacques is well known for his vivacious painting style that transmits the exuberance and passion for oil on canvas that he discovered in his youth.

Jacques followed the classical realist movement until he discovered the work of the Impressionists.   This turning point led him to experiment with vivid colours, intensely textured canvases and a freedom of expression that brings a sense of joy and movement to his paintings.  The French Fauve-Expressionist movements were a formative influence on his work, and he also takes inspiration from the Provencale and Marseilles schools as well as German expressionism.

Jacques’ palette is incredibly vibrant, and his application of his oils and acrylics is as striking as their colours.  His generous use of the media creates a three-dimensional effect on his canvases that produces a great sense of life and energy.  Jacques’ playful style infuses traditional still life compositions with originality and wit, rediscovering the humour often dormant in this genre with expressive animals peeking from unexpected places and exciting juxtapositions of objects.  Landscapes are translated with great appreciation for their varies tones, patterns and shapes.  His figurative work and street scenes are acutely observed and gently ironic; the smallest incidents and gestures of everyday life are captured and their meaning enhanced and enlarged by Jacques’ expansive use of colour.  The refreshingly naïve quality of his painting, conveyed in his affection for bold colours and his solid lines, is tempered by the intelligent and expressionist twist which represents reality on the canvas without simply reflecting it.

Jacques’ list of exhibitions has been extensive; in the last decade he has exhibited numerous times throughout France, principally in Marseilles, Paris, Lyon and Galerie a l’Espace des Arts in St. Remy, Provence.  His work has also been exhibited in Casablanca, Osnabruck and Paraquay.



Janka, artist and painter was born in Poland but has lived and worked in France since 1993.

She was awarded a diploma at L’academie des Beaux Arts in the town if Lodz where she was born. She expresses herself essentially through painting but also by scupture and design.

Her paintings are joyful and colourful. They pretend to be naive . They take us back into a world of childhood dreams, allowing us to travel and to escape from our adult reality.

Janka’s oils are full of poetry and sensibility, often inspiring our emotional life and our dream world. Her paintings burst the boundaries of art often leaving us with a tribal feeling


Pierre Farel

Pierre Farel’s contemporary, sensual and stylish oils have been an international success. Winning at the Lila Acheson Wallace Grand Prix in Paris in 1988 convinced him to devote his life to his art and his international reputation has continued to grow.

Pierre’s inspiration comes from his vibrant island home of Corsica and the excitement of exploration, travel and new social scenes. His love of music is celebrated in paintings featuring dynamic jazz club scenes and the greats of twentieth century rock. Leaving facial features tantalisingly vague, Pierre’s paintings excite the imagination and capture the pleasures of the moment on canvas.

Pierre exhibits internationally and his works are on permanent display in several galleries. In France he has exhibited in Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Lyon and on the French Riviera. His work has also been shown in Corsica, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, Lausanne, Beijing, New York, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Miami, L.A, and London.

Pierre is a versatile artist. In addition to his original oils he has produced a series of limited edition lithographs. He has recently translated his images into stunning textiles with a series of wall hangings. His 2011 exhibition in London will introduce his latest development to UK collectors; two new limited edition diasec plexis and one limited edition sculpture.

Diasec Plexi (Limited Edition of 50)

A limited edition is produced in high definition on high quality paper, retaining the scale of the original painting. This limited edition image is attached with resin glue to a block of plexi with a width of 1cm, and a block of black plexi is fixed behind it. After drying for 48 hours, the block is cut and polished by hand. The number of the limited edition piece is engraved on the back by hand, and finished with a black aluminium frame.

The plexi is of very high quality, resistant to heat, UV radiation and is guaranteed to be anti-yellowing. The plexi art work must be cleaned with water only, never with a solvent, ammonia or alcohol.


Vincent Avril

Details on Vincent Avril are soon to follow…

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